Site Log

My personal website is one of many other personal websites / web portfolios out there on the internet. I work in digital, and hence this website, which I primarily use it as a dev sandbox to test concepts, interesting digital marketing features, creative common CSS, APIs and interesting plugins that could be customised etc. Most of the features may not see the path to production due to the nature of tests I conduct in the site deep link. This website is not intended for commercial purposes.

Below, I have highlighted some key features I have added to my website, and is a continuous work in progress list.

Website Bill of Material

  • CMS: WordPress
  • DNS & Hosting: Go Daddy
  • Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS (RWD), jQuery 1.12.4
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • eCommerce: WooCommerce
  • SEO: Online crawlers to test spell checks, errors (e.g. broken links, 404 pages, etc.)
  • Social Feeds: Juicer API, Custom API

Website Publishing features

  • Related Posts: This feature scans all of my blog posts, analyses them based on taxonomies (such as categories, topics), and displays contextual posts to my visitors based on the content associated with specific tags, labels.
  • Social Sharing: This feature enables you to share a content such as article from my blog post into your social media channels. Since the content articles I posts are either texts or media (video/photo), I have enabled sharing on only select social media channels namely Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Email. These are popular with my site visitors.
  • Recent Posts: This feature is provided out of the box, and I have used it to display only the top 3 to 5 content articles. This is because my website is not content heavy, and I occasionally post content. The reference to function wp_get_recent_posts() can be obtained here
  • Social Feeds: I am active on twitter, LinkedIn and a few other social media channels. Hence, I wanted to use the social feeds to increase the volume of content to my website. I have used a mix of Juicer API and Custom API (nice big chunk of JSON) to fetch the content from Pinterest and Twitter. My next move is to introduce the AngularJS element to this script.

Other Website features

  • Sitemap: I have generated the sitemap using the Google (XML) sitemap generator (with inbuilt stylesheet for easy reading) plugin in order to index my blogs with content (including dynamic content) and pages with search engines. Click here to access the sitemap. I also use the dev chrome extension provided by to evaluate how my website should be traversed or structured. Though, I don’t expect visitors or traffic to my website :/
  • RSS feed reader: Once you have installed a feed reader of your choice, you can subscribe to my blog posts feeds by using the URL and paste it into the feed reader. The way you add RSS feeds differs from one feed reader to another. feeds are compatible with most online feed readers.


  • Content API
    • Some Get Params that can be embedded with my domain name to fetch the articles 
      • Retrieve posts >> GET /wp-json/wp/v2/posts/
      • Retrieve a post >> GET /wp-json/wp/v2/posts/<id>
      • Retrieve posts with a specific keyword >> GET /wp-json/wp/v2/posts?search=<keyword>
      • Retrieve taxonomies >> GET /wp-json/wp/v2/taxonomies/
      • Other key attributes are date, guid, title, excerpt, tags, etc. 
    • Detailed documentation >>
  • Font API
    • Source Sans Pro as part of the Gatsby font CSS >> Click here