Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing

Companies are engaging in a whole gamut of activities when it comes to social – content generation, social media advertising, social media customer service, analysing trillions of unstructured social using big data technologies and intelligence, and not to forget the mention of having specific consumer engagement strategies for different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes.

In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017 (Source: Statista)

But how are brands able to keep track of where their effort is headed? Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of these efforts, in order to deliver measurable results for their products and services in sales & marketing, is essential to calibrating future efforts, and even for apportioning funds accordingly.

The study, from data science and media technology, 4C Insights, aggregated $130+ million in media spend for 900+ brands managed through their social ads platform

I have collaborated with Dr. M. Mukesh on a book chapter on Social Media Measurement and Monitoring in the book Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing edited by Dr. Bikramjit Rishi and Dr. Subir Bandhopadhyay. This book brings together cutting edge findings in social media marketing from world’s leading specialists to help understand some of the key issues, trends and insights.

23 chapters addressing pertinent subjects in social media marketing

It’s out and available for order at,

23 chapters addressing pertinent subjects in social media marketing

Chapter topics include,

  1. Citizen relationship management by the Government of India through social media channels by Rajan Gupta, Saibal Pal and Sunil K. Muttoo
  2. Academia goes social media, MOOC, SPOC, SMOC, and SSOC: The digital transformation of higher education institutions and universities by Andreas Kaplan
  3. Integrating community and relationship building into universities’ social media marketing: Implications from a case study by Jenny Hou
  4. Social media marketing for B2B: From information to decision to retention by Roisin Vize and Monique Sherrett
  5. Social media stakeholder co-creation of celebrities as human brands by Dave Centeno
  6. Social recruitment: Investing in social currency by Arti Sharma and Arunava Ghosh
  7. The struggle of secrecy, safety, and security of Social Media and Smartphones by Ronald M. Zochalski, Jr.
  8. Creating, contributing and consuming behaviour: How rational and affective appeals in social media facilitate engagement by Rebecca Dolan, Jodie Conduit and John Fahy
  9. Social media engagement and return on engagement by Ritu Srivastava
  10. The consumer engagement/return on social media engagement interface: Development of a conceptual model by Birgit A. A. Solem and Linda D. Hellebeek
  11. An unexpected journey: The influence of social media on consumer decision-making by Wolgang Weitzl and Clemens Hutzinger
  12. Network based choice formation: A review in the context of online communities by Shameek Sinha and Sreyaa Guha
  13. Creepy and intrusive: A consumers’ perspective of online personalized advertisements by Arlonda Stevens and Casey Newmeyer
  14. Social media measurement and monitoring by Dr. Mudra Mukesh and Anand Rao
  15. Attitude towards brands and advertisements: Qualitative and thematic analysis of social media data by Emmanuel Mogaji and Temitope Farinloye
  16. Strategizing social media presence by Francesca Pucciarelli
  17. Salient role and centrality of trust in social media marketing by Anil Bhat and Nirankush Datta
  18. Trust relationships in social networks: A typology of strategies for communication between companies and their consumers by Zandra Balbinot and Sandrine Prom Tep
  19. Like-influencer framework: A study of factors influencing click of `Like’ option by users on Facebook by Rashmi Sharma
  20. Mechanisms for incentivising and encouraging online social interactions – an experiment analysing the role of recommendations and rewards on advertisement sharing behaviour by William Feitosa
  21. The rise of social media: Implications for emerging markets by Ogechi Adeola
  22. Profiling youth on the basis of their motivations for social media political participation: Implications for political marketers by Devinder Pal Singh
  23. Privacy and information trading on social media applications by Sandhya Narayanan and Richa Agrawal

Book available for order on Routledge and Amazon

The book is ideal for students of social media marketing, social media marketing professionals, researchers and academicians who are interested in knowing more about social media marketing.

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