Biometrics in the data-driven world

A recent passenger trends survey revealed that 57% of air travel passengers (n=7,031) are ready for #biometrics. Acuity analysis indicates ~1 billion biometric smartphones are actively in use globally, representing 40% of the global smartphone market. With biometrics already in our personal and business lives – #fingerprints (phones), #voice (Siri, Cortana, Echo) and #facialrecognition (face), password/pin/card authentication services are slowly making way for #BioAaaS.

As with many things in #bigdata, convenience and innovation might come at the cost of security, privacy and ethics. Will passengers, consumers warm to biometric tech and accompanying cognitive services? #SeamlessTraveller

Video: Facial recognition tests designed to replace tickets on trains in the UK

Trends: Trends and perspectives in the use of security of biometric technologies

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