Notes from Gartner’s Digital Business Conference in London, UK on Sep 4, 2014

My notes from the Gartner’s Digital Business Conference “Taking
the Business Digital: Your time is Now” in London, UK on Sep 4th,
2014.The presentation was divided into two subjects facilitated
by two Gartner leads,
> The State of Digital Marketing – Jennifer Beck
> Social and Mobile Marketing – Jennifer Polk
The following is the random scribbling from the (well-presented) Gartner conference for your
reference. Kindly ignore the grammar and structure.

The digital organisation today, in collaboration with marketers and IT, plan on investing their budgets on,

  • Building a seamless Consumer Experience (CX) journey for their consumers
  • Developing a robust Content Marketing strategy for context relevant engagement
  • A Loyalty program that craves for advocac
  • Data, yes you read it right. This is the holy grail of everything an organisation needs to know about a piece of content or track their consumer’s digital footprint
  • Developing program standards for the marketing of two speeds – reactive campaigns and full blown projects Conceptualising experience across touch points across multiple channels to connect with the consumers anytime, anyplace, with relevant content

  • The latest battle that the brands fight today is that of developing a seamless consumer brand experience across all channel touch points.
  • The buyer journey today is no longer linear. Consumers are looking for a “great experience”
    across channels. However, the definition of “great experience” keeps changing. It extends beyond brands’ products & services. And the line between products & services is non-existent.
  • Gartner says, by 2016, 91% of companies will compete on the basis of the customer experience.
  • Brands & vendors/agencies must constantly evolve their capabilities around UX, content strategy to keep pace with the digital and consumer trends, else they will be left behind. Remember your competitor is just a click away!!

  • To succeed in digital business build the dream and vision for your clients, excellence is in the delivery. Tell constructive stories to your leads to elevate your pitch.
  • Rethink your sales model by focusing on solutions than talking about pain points. CxOs know their pain points, they want to know what you are going to solve for them and how you are going to solve for them. Focus your pitches on these aspects.
  • One question that every CxO’s would ask the sales account directors – What are you here to do for me? Why should I be spending my valuable time with you? This is not new, and always existed. Articulate your value propositions clearly.
  • Today, CIO’s are looking to engage with vendors who have clear visibility on how they are helping brands solve their challenges rather than talking about just technology and systems. Back to the first point – it’s about story scaping!

  • Marketing world is all about ads and engagement.
  • Buyers are channel blind. They don’t see channels, they see engagement, they experience.
  • More and more brands are looking to evolve content marketing into their digital strategy – offline or online, across channels.
  • They want to enable the discovery of intellectual, contextually relevant content in-house for their employees or curate contents to meet their consumer needs across channels.

  • A set of consumers who may have been loyal for many years, and some of who may have been inactive, will only generate a fraction of revenue and brand impression as compared to a recently  acquired consumer who talks about the brand with friends and families. Target such consumers. They are the one’s who will build advocacy, and ultimately resulting in more revenue and brand impression for you.
  • Get it right with the right team. Focus on tracking the consumer behaviour through marketing automation programs to deliver contextually relevant content to consumers.
  • The young today is always connected – on mobile, in social.
  • Gartner says, 71% of consumers use their smartphones atleast 5x per day
  • Gartner says, online search using mobile device continues to be the leading trend followed by social
  • Gartner says, Mobile traffic drives 22.3% of the revenue, whereas Social traffic drives 18.3% of the revenue
Brands and vendors who talk about mobile first, social first have to act fast. Just being mobile first, social first is thing of the past. Today you need to be talking mobile always, social always.

  • CMO’s have always hunted for profits and demanded results. Gartner says, CMO’s will spend more on technology than CIO’s by 2017. Whereas CIO’s have always focused on business case and demanded cost optimisation & technology consolidation.
  • They both are right, but the stairway to heaven is in focusing on a digitally led organisation.
  • The digital organisation structure today is being promoted in many firms to bridge this gap. The primary digital roles with budget, control and where digital marketing is critical to success are,
o  Consumer experience leader
o  Digital commerce leader
o  Marketing technology leader
o  Marketing analytics leader
o  Multichannel marketing leader

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